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Pure Scented Candles - Handmade Fresh Soy Candle

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Wax Tart Spectacular

The weather is finally getting warmer and actually burning a candle may not be what you want to do. However you still want to keep your house smelling fresh - what do you do? We have the answer for you! Wax Tart Melts - full fragrance - no flame! Our handmade soy wax melts work with any tart warmer including Scentsy brand warmers. If you don't have a warmer we have several to choose from.

We are offering all of our wax tart melts at the lowest prices of the season. Find your favorite scents and save money! Keep your home smelling the way you want it to.

** ALL Candles Handmade Fresh When You Order! **

** Flat Rate Shipping on ALL Orders - $7.50 **


 Fall Candle Fragrance


What Makes Pure Scented Candles Different

Let's start with the candle wax. All of our candles are made with 100% pure soy wax. Soy wax is an all natural product that is clean burning (no black soot) and long lasting. Soy candle wax does an excellent job of dispersing the candle fragrances. All Pure Scented Candles are all handmade fresh when you order.

Learn more about the benefits of a handmade soy wax candle

Pure Scented Candles offers a nice selection of handmade candle styles and sizes, from the 1.5 oz. Trial Size Candle to the large 26 oz. Apothecary Jar Candle and many sizes in between. Try our soy wax tart melts and warmers. Experience the soothing effects of our Aromatherapy and Massage Candles. Guys we even have you covered with our Candles for MEN.

Pure Fragrances - Over 80 different of the best smelling candle scents including Holiday favorites! Floral, Food and Drink, Tropical Scents and more to enjoy!

Check for your favorite candle scents

The Handmade Candle Advantage - We make every candle fresh when you order - So if you need anything special for your candle order just let us know!

Try a Pure Scented Candle today and see what a difference a handmade soy wax candle can make.

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Pure Scented Candles - Handmade Fresh Everyday!


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